Exam Results


Results for the Academic Year 2015 - 2016

Continuing the trend of previous years once again the students of the Hellenic School of High Barnet did exceptionally well in last year's examinations.

Congratulations to the students on their great success which is a result of their hard work and sacrifices throughout the years.  We would also like to thank their teachers for their hard work.




It is worthwhile noting that whilst the overall number of students participating in the A Level and AS Level has reduced, the students that are taking part, are achieving higher grades due to the extremely small class sizes.


AS / A Level 
A Grade B Grade C Grade % of Total Students Achieving A-B Grade
Academic Year 2015-16 1 1 1 67%
Academic Year 2014-15 3 2 3 63%
Academic Year 2013-14 1 5 5 55%





The 2015-16 Years was a record year for us for our GCSE results, with 100% of students achieving an A* to C grade. Well done to all those and to the teachers who have worked extremely hard to get students up to the level required.


GCSE Grades  A* Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade % of Total Students achieving    A* - C Grade
Academic Year 2015-16
14 0 100%
Academic Year 2014-15
4 4 2 82%
Academic Year 2013-14
8 5 1 94%