Headmaster Kostas Ladas
Deputy Head Lena Papaetrou


Executive Officers

Chairman John Skoulides
Vice Chairman Lenis Panayides
Treasurer Steve Pavlou

Committee Members

Andreas Stelios
Christos Konstantinidis
George Georgiou
George Keleris
Theo Georghiades
Theodora Diamandi
Vincent Billings


The committee is vital to the smooth running of the School as they act as Parent Governors keeping the administration and finances of the school in check.  They hold termly meetings and being on the committee gives all parents involved, an insight and more importantly a voice in making the policies that mold the next academic year, from spending plans, to class sizes and beyond. They hold an annual general meeting in September when new committee members are elected and all parents are invited to be present.


We actively encourage parents to become involved. As a registered non for profit charity the School is managed by the committee of parents, and act to better the school and its facilities for all. The word ‘Committee’ can sound off putting, but the reality is that without the help of this small group of parents and the skills and time they volunteer, the school would not function.

Any time that you as a parent can offer your services of skills, helps out immensely, and not only is being part of the committee a truly valuable role, it is also hugely rewarding and great fun. It gives you a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the School as well as the opportunity to have a genuine impact on your child’s education.


You can join at any time, and there is no time limit to how long you can serve. You will find the members very open to listening to new ideas and discussing what can be improved and how to do so. The best time to join is always at the beginning of the school year, and with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) taking place in September, it’s an ideal jumping on point, regardless of if you just want to help out with the tuck shop, or be involved in the finances, everyone is welcome and no help is turned away.


Our fundraisers do an amazing job coordinating fundraising and social events each term. This is a fun and rewarding role that directly benefits your children as all funds raised are spent on resources for the School.  Publicity, gift gathering and events coordination are some of the things you will have chance to be involved in.


If you want to be part of the fundraising events and other School functions without being committed to a post, please put your name forward for you to be called upon by the fundraising co-ordinator.

You can play a very important part in the running of the school and getting involved with events held during school year.

If you feel you have a couple of hours spare a week or month please have a chat with the Chairman or the Headmaster anytime.