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The committee organises various events throughout the year in order to raise funds for the school and to bring together children, their families, and staff to celebrate and enjoy the various aspects of Greek culture and communication. With this in mind, it is expected that parents will help to raise funds for the school. Listed below are some events, which prove to be both popular and enjoyable.

Christmas Concert

Usually held in the last week of autumn term, where children and teachers work together to put on a spectacular performance incorporating speech, song and dance, as well as wonderful costumes (usually prepared by parents and teachers). Following this is a visit by Santa who gives gifts to the children. Everyone is then welcomed into the canteen for delicious refreshments and conversation.

Annual Dinner & Dance

This is our largest social gathering. As well as being our biggest fundraising event, it is enjoyed by children and their families. It is usually held in a function hall; where we have music, good food, followed by dancing. The children from all year groups, usually dressed in national costume, then perform some traditional and modern dances for our entertainment. This is a wonderful opportunity for their families to see that their children are learning some traditional Greek culture and is the highlight of the evening. Raffle tickets are sold on the evening, with many wonderful prizes on offer.


A traditional Greek BBQ is served during the sports day/end of year event, we only ask you to support us by buying food and drink.

Poker Night & Other Various Events

These events are organised during the year and designed to raise money for the school.